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Having a certificate or qualification in English can be a real benefit for your career and job prospects. At Phonebox our specially trained teachers can provide you with the guidance and support you need for most internationally recognised English certificates giving you a real advantage when it comes to the final exam. After contacting Phonebox we will assign you a teacher who has experience with the exam you are wishing to take and you decide how many lessons you have each week lasting either 30 minutes or 1 hour. These courses will fully prepare you for your chosen exam or can be used in addition to an exam preparation course you are already taking providing you with the extra tuition you might need to succeed. Courses vary depending on the exam you are taking and cover all aspects of exam preparation you would expect, with one to one tutoring on reading, listening, speaking, writing and grammar exam preparation. A real advantage of taking an exam preparation course with Phonebox is that you can be very flexible with the times of the lessons and length of course so that it's very easy to fit in with work and busy time schedules.

Upon payment of 20 or more exam preparation lessons we will provide you with a free 1 year subscription to the Macmillan Practice Online exam course of your choice for the following courses. PET * FCE * CAE * TOEICŪ * TOEFLŪ * IELTSŪ

This will give you access 24 hours a day to the world's best online exam preparation materials which our teachers will use as a learning platform for your exam course. With Macmillan Practice Online you will receive your own personal username and password so that you will be able to access the online resources when ever you want, allowing you to do homework or extra study outside of lessons. Students have found this very useful when studying for their exams. The combination of personal tuition from a professional teacher and superb online exam materials gives you all the tools you need to succeed!

Click on the link to see an example of the Macmillan Practice Online exam course.

Exam preparation courses

Below are some examples of the exam preparation courses we can provide. We pride ourselves on designing each course around the individual student so no two courses are the same. If you would like to discuss any exam course please don't hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our advisors. We will be happy to assist you in which ever exam you are interested in.


IELTS® the International English Language Testing System has proven itself as the world's most recognised exam for proving English proficiency for the requirements of education, immigration and professional accreditation. Today more than 1.2 million people have taken IELTS. Our teachers are highly experienced in all aspects of the IELTS exam and are able to design each course around the students requirements, providing all the materials, expertise and dedication to help you achieve the results you need.


The TOEFL® test is the most widely accepted English-language test in the world. If you are thinking of studying abroad then this is the course for you! Our teachers have many years experience in preparing students for TOEFL. We will provide you with all the materials you need and make sure you are confident and prepared to take the final exam!

We also provide preparation for the following Cambridge world wide recognised English qualifications.

  • F.C.E - First Certificate of English
  • C.A.E - Certificate in Advanced English
  • C.P.E - Certificate of Proficiency in English

If you are interested in taking other courses please feel free to contact one of our advisors who will be happy to discuss it and plan the course to suit your requirements. We can arrange tuition for almost any ESL exam including FCE, CAE, TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, CPE, PET, KET. Phonebox recommends taking at least 20 lessons to complete a course.

  • Receive a free year subscription to Macmillan Practice Online
  • Choose from a selection of exam courses
  • Choose the times of the lessons that suit you and your work schedule
  • Receive tutoring from a highly qualified native speaker
  • Receive lessons in the comfort of your own home or office
  • Experience the benefit of one to one tutoring instead of lower participation group courses

Also available are a range of business exams including ...

  • BEC Preliminary
  • BEC Vantage
  • BEC Higher

Phonebox will be happy to help you design a business course for your specific requirements.

Why take BEC?

'More than ever, a good knowledge of English is needed to succeed in international business and commerce. If you can show you have relevant language skills, you'll have a great advantage in the jobs market and much greater flexibility if you want to work abroad. BEC can help you show that you have learned English to an appropriate standard and can use it in a business context'. (cambridgeesol.org.2008)

To find out more go to the cambridgeesol.org web site

Which ever course you decide to take we are sure that you will find Phonebox a real help in passing the final exam. Your teacher will be on hand to guide you through the exam procedure with a specialised knowledge of the structure, grammar and exercises specific to each course leaving you felling confident and well equipped for the final exams.

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Exam English by Skype

  • 10 x lessons 11.49€ each
  • 20 x lessons 11.49€ each + Free MacMillan Practice Online - Exam Preparation Course

Exam English by Telephone

  • 10 x lessons 13.49€ each
  • 20 x lessons 13.49€ each + Free MacMillan Practice Online - Exam Preparation Course
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