Business English

Phonebox understands that the demands for business English can be very high. We offer a range of courses that cover general business English as well as specific vocabulary and situations. We recommend you talk to one of our advisors who will discuss with you your language needs and design a course that will help you achieve your goals. We are sure that after taking a business English course with Phonebox you will feel more confident and fluent in a variety of business situations. Regular conversation with a native speaker, while discussing and using business vocabulary, will go a long way to improving your fluency in English. Upon paying for your business course all necessary teaching materials will be provided at no extra charge

Business Courses

Business courses are all tailor made to suit your needs. Below are some suggestions for course units, after speaking to an advisor you will be able to design a course that will meet your exact requirements. No one course is the same and we pride ourselves on being a customer orientated company where your needs and objectives come first. It is of course possible to mix a business course with a general course, depending on your specific needs.

Speaking and listening, plus conversational skills

Many students feel a lack of confidence when talking to native speakers in business situations. In todays business world more and more of our students find that they are having to participate in meetings, take phone calls, talk to clients and make presentations in English. Phonebox courses will provide you with the skills you need to feel more confident and fluent in your business English. Regular conversation with a native speaker once or twice a week can have a huge impact on your confidence and we are sure you will notice improvements in all areas allowing you to conduct your business needs in English more comfortably and naturally.

Business Communication

We can offer courses in all areas of business communication, including emailing, telephone language, meetings and presentations. Our professionally trained teachers are on hand to teach you the most up-to-date business vocabulary so that you will feel increasingly confident in all areas of your business English.

Specialised business courses

After talking to one of our advisors we can help you to design a course that meets the requirements of your specific business area. Typical courses might involve a variety of the following topics

  • Email understanding
  • Telephone language
  • Meetings and participation
  • Presentation structure
  • General business vocabulary
  • Business grammar in use
  • Law English
  • I.T English
  • Media and tourism English
  • English for job interviews

Business Exams

Also available are the following business exams :

  • BEC Preliminary
  • BEC Vantage
  • BEC Higher

Phonebox will be happy to help you design a business course for your specific requirements.

Why take BEC?

'More than ever, a good knowledge of English is needed to succeed in international business and commerce. If you can show you have relevant language skills, you'll have a great advantage in the jobs market and much greater flexibility if you want to work abroad. BEC can help you show that you have learned English to an appropriate standard and can use it in a business context'. (

To find out more go to the web site.

Consultation service

We also offer a range of 'one off' consultation services such as proof reading a document or going over an important presentation with you so that you are satisfied with the contents and correct use of English. These are timed in 15 minute sections and are available at specially short notice for very urgent consultations.

  • Proof reading
  • Presentation consulting
  • Urgent consultations provided within 15 minutes!

To get started with your first business English lesson from Phonebox just contact one of our advisors who will be happy to assist you in creating the perfect solution for your business. It is possible to take business classes by Skype, Zoom or Teams.

Free Trial Lesson

Take a FREE trial lesson by Skype with one of our teachers so that we can assess your English level and show you how the lessons work.