Terms and conditions.

Signing up for a block of lessons with Phonebox Language School is seen as acceptance of the following terms and conditions. Please read the following information carefully.

1. Company - The name of the supplier is Phonebox Language School LTD. please contact us by email at info@phoneboxlanguage.com.

2. Enrolling - acceptance to a language course is at the discretion of the Course Manager. Should an applicant be deemed unsuitable, prospective students can expect an explanation and a full refund of any fees paid.

3. Pricing - Phonebox Language School provides phone tuition to English language students by Skype or landline. Lesson prices can be found on the 'Purchase Lessons ' page of our website. Prices vary according to whether you choose to have your lessons through Skype or through a normal telephone line. The prices of the lessons are the same all over the world and are valid as long as they are on the current website.

4. Method of payment - Students pay at point of sale. Payment is made on the secure enrolment form from Paypal, we accept MasterCard or Visa or Maestro. We accept payment in Euros. If choosing to pay over the Internet, confirmation or receipt and payment will be sent via e-mail. This details the date of payment, payment type and amount. If you prefer to pay by Bank Transfer, please contact us for our bank details.

5. Teachers – all Phonebox Language School English teachers are native professionally trained instructors. The teacher is responsible for giving the lesson at the appointed time as requested by the student.

6. Booking a lesson block – after processing your enrolment and payment, Phonebox Language School will send a receipt by email on the same day or the next working day. Phonebox Language School will make available a timetable of teacher lesson availability, from which the student can select a teacher and a time for their lesson. Students can book a lesson by using the online WebAccess tool, for which you will receive a username and password after paying for course credits.

7. Taking a lesson – the Phonebox Language School teacher will call you at the appointed time for your lesson. Students should ensure that both they and their phone or Skype are available for contact at the agreed time. A Phonebox Language School teacher will try to contact you three times. If students are not contactable for the first 20 minutes, they will loose that lesson.

8. Free subscription to a Macmillan Practice Online course is only available for exam courses of 20 lessons or more and will be provided for the following courses *PET* FCE* CAE* TOEIC* TOEFL* IELTS*. If the Macmillan Practice Online courses do not cater for the particular exam of your choice we will try to provide you with a suitable relevant MPO course, should you take an exam course of 20 lessons or more. It is Phonebox's right to decide which Macmillan Practice Online course should be provided for the student. Only one Macmillan Practice Online course will be provided per student per exam course of 20 lessons or more.

9. Cancelling an arranged lesson – Students can cancel a pre-arranged lesson up to 6 hours before the start of that lesson. To do this, students must cancel the lesson on the Phonebox Language School online WebAccess tool. Lessons cancelled within 6 hours of lesson commencement cannot be re-credited.

10. If Phonebox Language School is unable to provide lessons at the desired time - In the first instance, students will be offered an alternative time. If this is not acceptable to the student, then they will be offered a chance of a refund within 14 days of original payment. If the refund period has elapsed, Phonebox Language School is not obliged to provide lessons at the desired time but will work to provide a viable alternative. Phonebox Language School is not obliged to provide lessons with a particular teacher.

11. To facilitate certain tasks and communication between ourselves and our students, we store some details about enquirers and students electronically. These include contact details, grades obtained on any Phonebox Language School course and details of email correspondence. However, this is strictly for use by Phonebox Language School only and details will not be released to third parties. If students have chosen to pay using the Phonebox Language School secure web site, note that Phonebox Language School does not store debit or credit card details on our databases. We employ firewall and computer virus protection and take all possible steps to safeguard personal data. Corresponding with Phonebox Language School by email is seen as acceptance of our data protection policy. Please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for the content, procedures or data policies of websites that we may have links with.

12. Complaints procedure - If you have any complaint about any aspect of the service you receive from Phonebox Language School, please put your complaint in writing by email and send it to the Director at info@phoneboxlanguage.com. All complaints received in this form are recorded and processed by the department responsible.

13. Inactivity of a period of over 1 Year will result in the closure of your account. Students will be sent an email warning them of the closure of their account asking them to resume booking lessons within one week of the email sent. Failure to do so will result in the permanent loss of lesson credits and the closure of the account. Only one initial warning email will be sent for the duration of the course.

14. Cooling off period : Students may apply for a full refund of any unused lessons within 14 days of payment for those lessons. Students can expect a full refund on any unused lessons without stating a reason for the refund. The refund is normally issued within 14 days of notification by email that the student wishes to refund the lessons and made in the manner of the initial payment. If an initial payment has been made by international bank transfer, then Phonebox Language School has the right to refund by an alternative method. In the case of a refund by bank transfer, the student will accept any bank charges incurred.

15. Phonebox Language School and English law – Phonebox Language School is a company that resides in the UK and is subject to English law. Transacting with Phonebox Language School is seen as acceptance of the terms and conditions here stated and, should a dispute arise, any proceedings are to be conducted in the UK and are to be subject to English law.